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Главная » 2008 » Февраль » 28 » Kenny G - Rhythm And Romance (2008)
Kenny G - Rhythm And Romance (2008)
Artist: Kenny G
Album: Rhythm & Romance
Genre: Jazz
Label: Concord Records
Source: CDDA
Size: 91 MB
Quality: VBRkbps : 44.1kHz : Joint
Ссылки на пяти обменниках (rapidshare, filefactory, zshare, depositfiles, badongo)
01 - Sax-O-Loco
02 - Ritmo Y Romance (Rhythm & Romance)
03 - Sabor A Mi
04 - Tango
05 - Mirame Bailar (Featuring Barbara Muсoz)
06 - Peruvian Nights
07 - Brasilia
08 - Besame Mucho
09 - Fiesta Loca
10 - Es Hora De Decir (Featuring Camilia)
11 - Copa De Amor
12 - Salsa Kenny
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